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Our team—with their broad-based knowledge of construction, design, remodeling and renovation, architecture, finance, and real estate—pursues excellence at every turn. We are committed to creating an uncompromising reflection of your vision. Every day, our goal is to go above and beyond building a custom home. We build lasting, lifelong relationships.  

The real honor arrives when the homeowner shakes our hand, smiles, and says, “Thank you for building my dream home.”


Riley Hayes

Founder WelBuilt Homes

We achieve wellness through our client services, Enrichment through our community, and life through partnerships. Born and raised in Oregon, and graduated from Portland State University, Riley Hayes has spent the last 15 years working in the construction industry throughout the United States and Mexico building homes, resorts, condos, and apartments. He was a partner at a large statewide home builder along with a leadership position with a statewide home builder and now is the founder and owner of WelBuilt Homes. He is inspired by the work of Brene` Brown and anything or anyone that accepts the challenge of trying to change, more specifically dusting themselves off and keep getting up. Riley is a father of two daughters, loves to run, and bike, and does just about any sport.

Linda Thorgeirsson  Office Manager WelBuilt Homes Bend, Oregon

Linda Thorgeirsson

Office Manager WelBuilt Homes

I am Linda Thorgeirsson,  Icelandic / German descent, and a proud American. I have lived in Bend Oregon since 1994, That same year I started my own Construction Cleaning Business (Let's Construction Cleaning Services Inc.) We thrived and were proud to say, We were the competition! Started out of a Volkswagen, grew to a shop, 2 vans and 3 dump trucks, 16 employees and cleaned more than 15,000 homes here in central Oregon. Fast paced was my life. Sold the business in 2018, and took a few years off to travel and see family. 


What inspires me:  Traveling ,learning other countries' cultures. My favorite place in the world is Iceland, I have great memories and family still there.  

Free Time:     Play board games, cook, family fun and pickleball, Starting up golf.  

Fav Movies:    Marvel-  Guardians of the galaxy

Fav Band:     Pink Floyd

Sports Team:    Oregon Ducks   / LA Rams  J. Herbert Fan!

Fav Books / Author:   F Scott Fitzgerald   The Great Gatspy/ Mark Twain Huckleberry Finn.  


Shawn Morris

Purchasing Manager WelBuilt Homes

Shawn has been in the construction since 20 years old, after working at a number of large home builders in Bend he has joined Welbuilt Homes as the purchasing manager. Shawn has directed the procurement for subdivisions all across the Northwest. With Welbuilt Homes, Shawn combines his large-volume building attitude and skills with his custom home design knowledge and experience working directly with customers to provide a wonderful building experience without needing to overspend. In his free time, Shawn coaches High School Football, plays guitar, and rides motorcycles.

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