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Welbuilt Homes in Bend, Oregon

Whether you're on a budget or sky's the limit, WelBuilt Homes knows how to build your dream home. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and experience working with first-time home buyers, high-end custom homes, architecture review committees, and everything in between. 


We've worked with the biggest contractors in Central Oregon, so we know what it takes for a successful build. We like to keep WelBuilt on a smaller scale to build personal relationships with our customers. With us, you get the knowledge of a big business with the heart of a boutique builder. 


As an Oregon-based company, we know our community's diversity and honor it. Every home is individualized to that customer's needs, regardless of the idea, price point, or house size. 


WelBuilt Homes cares about you and your vision. It would be an honor to help you achieve your dream, no matter the scale. Let's make it happen.

About Us

When building the perfect Central Oregon dream home, what crosses your mind? Is it the open-concept kitchen with the farmhouse sink, the spacious garage with shelving units to the ceiling, or the family room with enough space for the kids to play with Legos while you and your significant other plan your next trip to the mountain? 


When you work with WelBuilt Homes, we spare no detail. We want to know why you chose a wrap-around deck to the intricacies of the importance of an en suite bathroom.


Building authentic relationships with our customers is our number one goal. You have trusted us to make your vision a reality, and we will deliver, down to the last detail. 


Our name isn't a fluke. Wellness, enrichment, and life are what drives our company. 


Partner with WelBuilt, so you don't have to worry about the little things. That's our job; we're here to make your dream home a reality.

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Meet the team that will be with you every exciting step of the way. 

Our team—with their broad-based knowledge of construction, design, remodeling and renovation, architecture, finance, and real estate—pursues excellence at every turn. We are committed to creating an uncompromising reflection of your vision. Every day, our goal is to go above and beyond building a custom home. We build lasting, lifelong relationships.  

The real honor arrives when the homeowner shakes our hand, smiles, and says, “Thank you for building my dream home.”


Riley Hayes

Founder Welbuilt Homes

With 15 years of experience in construction, Riley Hayes can build your dream home through your vision, on budget, and within your timeline. Riley has constructed homes, resorts, condos, and apartments, throughout the United States and Mexico, was a partner and leader with a local statewide home builder, and is now the founder and owner of Welbuilt Homes. Inspired by the work of Brené Brown, Riley is a true believer in trying to change for the better, learning from one's mistakes, and persevering. He carries this belief and passion into his business to ensure all of his clients are satisfied. Riley is a father of two daughters and loves running and biking.

Linda Thorgeirsson  Office Manager WelBuilt Homes Bend, Oregon

Linda Thorgeirsson

Office Manager WelBuilt Homes

Linda is a self-starter who strives for excellence. That's how she continues to deliver when working with a client. Of Icelandic/German descent, Linda moved to Bend in 1994. That same year, she started her own construction cleaning business, Let's Construction Cleaning Services Inc. Beginning in an old VW, her company became the finest in the area. After selling her business in 2018, Linda took a year off to travel and visit family. We're lucky to have her with us now. When she isn’t in the office, you may see Linda rooting for the Oregon Ducks. She continues to hustle, work hard, and deliver for all of her clients. 


Shawn Morris

Purchasing Manager WelBuilt Homes

Shawn has been in construction since he was 20 years old, and his experience is unparalleled. After working at several large home builders in Bend, he joined Welbuilt Homes as the purchasing manager. His expertise in planning subdivisions across the Northwest has allowed Shawn to combine his large-volume building attitude and skills with his custom home design knowledge. He has experience working directly with customers and doesn't like to overspend. Shawn also coaches football at a local high school. With Shawn on our team, we guarantee you will have a stress-free building experience (while meeting your budget). 

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Matthew S. Stanwood

Construction Manager

Matt has over 20 years of experience building homes in Oregon. From multi-family, single-family, and large production neighborhoods, to custom homes on your land, Matt has the experience to make your vision a reality. He loves working with customers and involving them in the project as much as possible. Matt was a student athlete at Oregon State University, so his competitive personality enables him to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

A family-oriented man, Matt's wife and kids are his pride and joy. His day starts and ends with ensuring that his family is taken care of. He is the first one up and the last one to bed. His two daughters are both involved in competitive gymnastics, with their mom as the coach.
In his spare time, Matt loves to take his wife on dates, travel, play golf, hike, work out, and be active with the whole family. He also loves to work on his classic 1970 Mustang when there's time.

"Riley provided us with accurate estimates for the cost of the work and zero delays during construction. We will be using Riley for our next build!"

Joe Waggoner

Let’s build something special.

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