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The Home Build Process

From the first time you contact WELBuilt Homes, our mission will be to understand your goals and meet you where you are with building a home, whether you need land, a broker, lending, house design, engineering, or just a home builder. We partner with our clients wherever they are in the process and meet their goals. We design, build and execute for you efficiently and professionally.  At WELBuilt Homes, we work with you to build the home of your dreams. 

Design and Build With Us
You will never be a number to us

Building Scenarios:

  • Q: What if I only need a home builder? (i.e., The house designer, architect, engineer, interior designer, land, and lender are in place.)
    WELBuilt Homes will work with your team. We will create a budget and then execute the plans with the deep stable of trades and supply partners we have developed over 20 years in the industry.

  • Q: What if I have a budget and am pre-approved for a building loan but don’t have land?
    We will connect you with a skillful realtor or land developer to help you find the right property for your project.

  • Q: What if I need a lender?
    Whether you need a land loan, construction loan, or a land and construction loan that consolidates, we have a reliable lender for you.

  • Q: What if I need design and or engineering services?
    We partner with some of the best design professionals who are online and in-person capable. We will guide you through the building permit and architectural review processes if there are any.

  • Q: How does the Pre-Construction Process work?  
    Design & Engineering generally takes from 120 days to 6 months. This is the first step to submitting for a building permit.  


  • Q: When will I see a budget?

    • You will receive one to three budgets from us on most projects: Pre Engineering, Post Engineering, and Post Selections

      • Pre Engineering budget takes 7 business days. At this stage, construction documents/plans are about 80% complete. We will issue a base budget and allowances for structural items heading into engineering. Our goal is to give you an idea of where your design is trending based on the market so there are no surprises.

      • Post Engineering budget prep takes 2 to 3 weeks and is when engineered construction documents have been received. Construction documents are the plans needed to get a building permit. They allow us to get an accurate construction estimate and tell how the project will be built.

      • Post Selections budgets (aka Contract Budgets) take about a week and are updated when final selections and engineered construction documents are complete. At this stage, you have picked out specific home items from suppliers or received them from an interior designer (e.g., appliances, cabinet colors, etc.).

  • Q: What will my bank need to get a construction loan?|
    In order to get a construction loan, you will need the following

    • Engineered construction documents - plans

    • Construction Contract

    • Contract budget

    • List of construction materials

      We assist you every step of the way to get the paperwork for your loan.

  • Q: Do you handle building permits?
    We prepare and assist with submitting building permits to the appropriate jurisdictions. Obtaining a permit can take time due to county and city jurisdictions. Please contact us if you have questions.

  • How do you stay in touch with me during my project?
    We use cloud-based software and schedules that are easy to view online or on your phone (Google & Microsoft-based platforms). 

    Residential building schedules are essential and challenging to manage with weather and supply chain delays, but our partners allow us to avoid many of these setbacks. You also have access to an onsite superintendent and construction manager during your construction process. You will receive photos of your project and updates as often as needed. We are committed to making this an enjoyable process to give you peace of mind.

    Many of our build cycles start at six months and go up to multiple years, depending on the project.


  • Q: What is the construction process, and what are the key walk-throughs?

  • Construction Kick-off Meeting: Meet the construction manager in the office or online to review selections and the construction schedule.

  • Onsite Kick-off Meeting: We discuss the elevation of your home, utilities, setbacks, site survey, and project expectations.

  • Electrical Walk: The roof is on, the building is dried in, and the electrician is getting started! We consider where all of your plumbing, heating & cooling, and electrical rough-in items will be located and if things need to be changed.

  • Drywall Walk: We discuss interior finish items like cabinets, countertops, appliances, and plumbing fixtures and deliberate on landscaping and the exterior game plan.

  • Punchlist Walk: At this point, your home is about 98% complete, and we are just working on the touch-up items and prepping your home. We guide you through the house while we carry the blue tape - taking notes of things that need to be addressed.

  • Turnover Meeting: Your new home has been professionally cleaned inside and out! After you receive a WelBuilt Homes gift and a list of all trade partners and warranties, we will show you how to drive your new home.


Q: Can I get a home warranty?

  • Absolutely. We want to be your partners and will always strive to help take care of your home with your assistance. 

  • You receive a complete list of trade partners that work on your home and can assist with answering questions.

  • In your WelBuilt Homes owner guide, you have a form to fill out with instructions at month 10 or 11 to return to us so we can start your one-year warranty of items that need to be addressed at month twelve.

  • If it's an emergency, we always suggest you contact the appropriate trade partner, then Welbuilt Homes, so that the issue can be addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Warranty to us is just as important as the paint on the inside of your closet -it should be perfect.

"We made the decision to follow Riley when he started his own company and we are so thankful we did. He has been building for many years and has a great relationship with many of the subcontractors and the local community and this is whom you want in a builder. Riley even started to prepare our lot and got utilities completed prior to the loan closing to save us time for the build. He was able to get another foundation team on our build to keep our project moving along. The process of home building can be stressful but he has always told us that he wants it to be "fun". We are very excited to have our home built by Riley and the WELBuilt Homes team and can't wait for its completion."

Duy Anh Tran

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